Are Disability Claims Ever Approved When You First Apply for Disability attorney in Chico?

A denial is the usual result for the majority of all initial Social Security Disability attorney applications. For a large number of claimants, the time when they are actually awarded benefits comes after an extensive delay from the time they first apply for Disability claim in Chico.

Approximately only one-third of all claimants are approved when they first apply for benefits while most applicants end up having to file an appeal. Typically, those claimants who are awarded benefits at the very beginning of the process have the most severe disabilities that meet the Social Security Administration’s medical listings.

However, when the decision is based on your ability to go back to work, claims are less frequently approved at the application stage. If you are denied Disability claim after you apply in Chico, you can boost your chances of being awarded benefits on appeal if you obtain the services of an experienced Social Security attorney. Your attorney can be instrumental in demonstrating that your residual functional in Chico is at a low enough level that it prohibits you from working at any job that you have performed in the past fifteen years as well as any job that exists in large numbers in the national economy.

You should be aware though that a state agency worker would initially determine your Social Security Disability benefits claim, not the Social Security Administration. In fact, when applying for Disability claim in Chico, if you desire to have your claim adjudicated by an actual SSA judge, your case will need to have been denied and appealed twice.

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